Jan 4, 2010

Babushka Felt Dolls

I learnt to felt in 2009 with a lady called Pauline, she has her own felting business and the classes are pure joy. Felting is addictive and so far I have made pictures, dolls, brooches and other bits. I still love the Babushka Dolls the most. It is hands on and the dolls all turn out so differently, no two are the same. I have experiemented with pre-felts, sewing on buttons and stitching and they all have their unique little face.


  1. Have you seen felt beads and felt bowls? I found some cute ones on etsy and they made me want to learn felting.

  2. I have made some beads and I would like to give a ball a try, I have made a bag too.


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