Jan 29, 2011


Singapore: On our first night the weather cleared so we headed into China Town for a night of Good Fortune Jellies, people going crazy over Lucy and bright lights, it all got a bit crazy so we opted for a walk to Clarke Quay night market and an ice-cream mission.

Yesterday we braved the 56 storey tower at Marina Bay Sands, truly amazing architecture and engineering, Lucy and I peered over the edge to a stunning view of Singapore whilst Darren watched us from a distance. The ION Centre shopping mall for dinner proved to be a wonderful dining experience, however the shops were jammed packed so we came home full but with our credit card intact.

The only crafty purchase I have made is this cute bag and some gorgeous writing books from ArtBox. I have started a story about Lucy’s holiday, she can read it when she is older.  We fly to Barcelona tonight.


  1. The purchases from Artbox are gorgeous Nic! Lucy will treasure her holiday story in future years, I'm sure. What a lovely idea :)

    Hope your plane trip to Barcelona goes well. xxoo

  2. Love the blog Nic! We are following your escapades. 0*:.o*o.:*0


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