Feb 13, 2011


Lucy's first trip to the Snow

Granada from Alhambra

Sierra Nevada - Granada

Amazing architecture inside Alhambra

Today we did the big touristy thing in Granada. First stop was the Alhambra, an ancient fortress built in 1237. Founder of the Nasrid dynasty, Muhammad I al-Mar installed his Court on the Sabika hill. The section I loved the most was the Palace of the Lions. The palace is currently covered in scaffolding with the lions, which make up the centrepiece of a magnificent fountain, have undergone a complete restoration and moved into a beautiful room - no photos allowed.
We wandered through the gardens of the Generallife and fed the poor little stray kittens some of our lunch.
In the afternoon we drove 40km up a very steep mountain through the Sierra Nevada snowfields which is part of a National Park.  Lucy experienced snow for the first time and she threw snowballs until her hands were frozen. We slid down the hill and dove into a big cup of thick hot chocolate to end the day.
Our apartment called Hemminway House is gorgeous with a beautiful tiled floor, a balcony that catches the sun all day and decorated in Spanish/Arabic style.
Granada is a must visit place in Spain, it has such a mixture of cultures and the food is fantastic, the wine is cheap and the views are breathtaking.
I had a toothless lady give me a bunch of rosemary and she read my palm, she told me that I have an old soul, I am intelligent and I will only ever have one child but she will be very happy. The then asked me for 5 euros !

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