Feb 5, 2011

Japanese & A Bunny Head

I have not come across many 'crafty' shops in Barcelona but I did find this fantastic Japanese Fabric Shop in a pokey little cobblestone lane. It is called Nunoya and the shop is  divine. I bought a few pieces for my 'round europe' hexagon quilt. The little felt brooch I found in a small south american shop, only 3 euros. I have found other brooches but small handmade things here are quite expensive.
I am still tossing up which colour of ballet flats to buy. Happy Days. 
We head off to Valencia tomorrow, I am looking forward to picking up our Citroen and heading around the coast to the smaller towns, which I have been told are where the real craft is.
Peekaboo Bunny ! Do you suppose he is looking for Alice?
This random iron bunny head was popping out of a wall in Trentham.

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