Mar 29, 2011

Dijon Sickness

No pianos but I love the sign
Gorgeous Windows

Down an Alley Way Near Rue de la Chouette
We arrived late on Sunday night after a rotten day of missing trains, due to daylight saving changes, to our very french looking apartment right in the heart of Dijon. After a good nights sleep we spent Monday wandering the streets, looking at fantastic buildings and finding loos and ice-cream for Lucy. That evening Darren came down with a horrible bug and we had to call the doctor at 3am. Lucy is now sick and the poor pair spent the day sleeping on the couch while I snuck out to give the credit card a bash. Finding nothing I  spent the afternoon writing postcards, playing nurse and and practicing my best french in the pharmacie buying lots of drugs for 'mon marie et ma fille'.  I have learnt more of this lovely language than I thought I would and it has nothing to do with the fact than the pharamacien was very handsome.

I have decided that apart from being a town of great wine, mustard and cafes, Dijon should be famous for windows, they are unique and I could not put the camera down.

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