Mar 2, 2011

Vieux-Viel & A Trip to the Sea

Le Foret

St Malo
It has been nearly a week since my last update, so much has been going on since we left Spain for France. First of all we arrived in Paris to a very wet freezing cold black day, exhausted from our overnight train trip from Barcelona we had a wander in the streets around Montparnasse then had a quick bite of snails and the worst steak I have had in a restaurant then headed back to our hotel for a good night sleep before heading onto Rennes in Brittany the next morning.

We arrived at Rennes and were greeted by Rosie and Greg, the Brits from whom we were taking over Vieux-Viel. We had a fun night drinking French Vin Rouge and finding out about our adventure ahead for the next month.

We are staying in a 200 year old barn that has been converted into a Gite. It is vast, has huge bedrooms, a kitchen big enough to hold a sit down dinner for 60 and there is usually a goat peering into the window.  Our job here is to paint the small cottage at the top of the property, we will then move in there as it is much warmer. Today the wind bought the temperature down to about 4 degrees.

On Monday we went to St Malo which is on the coast and we fell in love with this amazing place, we even looked at real estate! I would love to have a summer property here and spend my summers in France.

So far our experience here has been amazing, we have taken on the role as caretakers in Rural France, have our own dog we take everywhere who we may have to sneak in our bag home, chased away moles digging up the garden, found a baby hedgehog and slept in a house older than Australia.

Next week we will discover many more towns and many more red wine varieties.

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