Apr 2, 2011

Arona Magic

Oh I love Arona... to make it even more loveable Arona is hosting a European food and beer festival this weekend. It is a feast of food, crafts, beers and sweet things from all around Europe. Arancini for lunch, Thai for dinner and Sicilian biscuits for the inbetweens. Lucy spied a big piece of sweet bread from Sicily and 'had to have it'. Darren spied sausage, pork and beers and 'had to eat it'. I spied beautiful french Laguoile cutlery and 'had to buy some'.

Right now I have to admit I am in love with Italy, maybe it is the sun, it could be the lakes and mountains we are surrounded by, maybe it is the friendly well dressed Italians, the amazing shoes or then again could be the espresso and the gelati.

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