Apr 21, 2011

Faith, Faberge, Fiats & Filth

Faberge Eggs Exhibition - Wow

St Peters Square - setting up for Easter

Darren could see himself in one a Fiat 500
The Coloseum needs a bath
Rome... what an an amazing, crazy, wonderful, dirty, busy place. A city full of history, incredible architecture, marble buildings, wonderful shopping, beautiful fountains and spoilt by a layer of dirt and the streets filled with rubbish.

Wonderful moments today:
The Sistene Chapel
The Faberge Egg Exhibition
Basilica di San Pietro to listen to the Pope's message
A wander in Piazza Navona

Tomorrow we will visit the Trevi fountain and relax in a park.

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  1. Mi scusi Signore....The Fiat is missing a number "8" and some racing strips!! Ciao!


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