Apr 5, 2011

Lake Como, Italy

San Giovani, a little fishing village on Lake Como
We are in San Giovanni, the loft apartment we have rented for 5 days has incredible views of Lake Como. The 1.5km walk to Bellagio is steep and with no footpaths, a little dangerous. Alternatively there is a shortcut through the Marquis Malvezzi gardens, but there is a fee of 3 euros. I guess there is always the water taxi with a gorgeous tanned Italian man (choices, choices).
Today we had lunch down on Lake Como where you can often see the typical boat called 'Lucie'. The Luicia is a typical boat of the past and takes its name from the protagonist of 'Promessi Sosi.  In June San Giovanni hosts a very important party. Many years ago children put oil in nutshells and lit them, lining the mole; the women brought cakes in baskets and after dinner the baskets were put up for auction. The man who wanted to conquer his favourite girl had to win the basket belonging to the girl.
I wonder if I bake some cakes if Mr Clooney will show up and want to win my basket.

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