May 19, 2011

Crafty Paris

For our last day in Paris I dragged hubby and Lucy around the craft shops of Paris. We had a lovely day weaving in and out of fantastic shops in the Marais Quarter and then into the small arty streets of Montmatre. I found some lovely places with the help of another crafty blogger and spent a small fortune on fabric for my ever growing stash. When I packed my bag this evening I found that I have more fabric than new clothing purchases so it is going to be a very creative winter.

One of my favourite finds is a little shop across the road from our apartment called Sof Kipeut Paris. I have stashed away a few birthday pressies and bought a fantastic t-shirt. A lot of their things are made from Liberty fabric and creations from local designers - just gorgeous.

We are headed back to Perth tomorrow (with a Singapore detour) so this is my last blog from Europe... for now. 

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  1. OMG Nic - I can't believe your European adventures are over!! Where did that time go? Have been checking your blog every couple of days and have enjoyed reading all about it and seeing your gorg pics. How nice will it be to have this blog as a memory for you guys to reminise. Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of your holiday and we really look forward to seeing you and hearing all of your tales when you guys are back. Nic R


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