Mar 11, 2012


Pink Nightmare - Before
Starting to Fill the Holes

1975 Greek News Paper
Our Most Excellent Jr Renovator - Lucy
There has been not a great deal of crafting happening in my world right now, however there has been a great deal of home renovation.

This week we started the huge task of Lucy's room. When we bought this house we decided that this was the worst room in the house and would take the most time so we eased in by doing the laundry then the hallway but now the time has come to create a gorgeous space or Lucy. So far my clever hubby has patched all the holes in the walls which included new mortar in some areas then a coat of plaster. We ripped up the smelly grey carpet to reveal floorboards in reasonable condition and found bits of and old Greek newspaper from 1975 stuck to the floor. Lucy and I spent some time soaking off the paper and we have kept it to create something with later on.

This weekend I started to strip out the old wallpaper that is on the inside of the cupboards and prepare the walls to paint.  We have discovered tiles on the walls behind a big mirror and came to the conclusion that Lucy's bedroom was the old kitchen in the house.  We have plaster boarded over the tiles and will create a desk nook in what used to be where the old oven went.

Lucy has now got the renovating bug and we are teaching her some very handy skills. She is very good at skim coating, can measure up plasterboard ready for cutting, mix plaster and rip up old carpet ! Jr Master Renovators Show winner right here.

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