Apr 30, 2012

Produce and Flowers

Macadamias Drying Out
Now the weather has cooled down we can concentrate a bit more on our garden. To our surprise whilst beavering away on the inside of the house there were all kinds of fruits and nuts growing magically outside. We harvested the macadamia tree last week and now these wonderful nuts are going through the drying process before we can cut them open and roast them.

The mandarins are still a bit sour but every now and then we get a nice sweet one. The lemons are just starting to come out which is great because my most favourite desert to make is lemon tart.

Over the winter we plan to build some vege beds and really start being able to eat out of the back yard, instead of the vege store.


  1. What a fabulous harvest!

    As soon as I saw your lemon photo the following recipe came to mind:


    It's one that I hope to try soon - when reading it, my mouth watered instantly.

    Happy day!

  2. Lovely! We have a small macadamia tree. Can't wait for it to bear nuts. I've been working in the garden too, planting out some fruit and veg and potting up lots of seeds today. :)

  3. Such healthy looking produce at that!

    We've just planted a tiny macadamia tree. Apparently they grow huge. We'll be waiting a few years for tha though. You look like you're definitely in business with yours!

    rachel x


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