Apr 15, 2012

Weekends Fly

Why is it that weekends fly and working weeks go slowly?

We have crammed a lot into this weekend even before Sunday. Dinner with good friends, coffee with girlfriends and a relaxing spa. I raced around my favourite crafty haunts on Saturday afternoon and popped into Calico&Ivy with a gift voucher and purchased a cute new book called all sewn up by chloe owens. I was attracted to the cover of the book and inside is full of gorgeous things to do, many of them appliqué which is great for wintry nights in front of a dvd.

Sunday was spend doing odd jobs around the house. I tidied my craft room ready to start some new projects, cleaned out the pantry, 6 loads of washing and whipped up a quiche for lunch and some blueberry and coconut muffins to enjoy with friends in the morning. Hubby finished the soak well and trimmed a small desk with his new jigsaw so it will fit into a nook in Lucy's new room.

More weekends please...

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