Jun 3, 2012

Liberty Love

The more I sew with Liberty Fabric the more I want to only ever use this fabric. It is so soft to touch and cuts so easy with a quilting blade.  After a trip to Materalise  to purchase a few more pieces for my quilt, I was convinced that I absolutely must do the backing in Liberty. In my mind it is a real extravagance and probably the cost of a mini-break but I am led to believe totally worth it. So now I am on the hunt for Liberty Fabrics that are a bit cheaper and thanks to google and a few trusty crafty friends I have found a few places. Even though I much prefer to support locally and have the nice experience of shopping in-store, on-line shopping is the next best thing.

Tessuti Fabrics and Pink Chalk Fabrics are the two I have found so far... do you know any more?