Jul 30, 2012

Garden Designing

We are about to embark on a massive garden re-design. Inspired by gardens in France and the fact that we realistically can't move there, we have decided to create our own bit of France out the back, complete with a pool, dreamy day-bed, lavender and an edible garden. We have come up with a concept and now we are putting our ideas into the hands of a landscape gardener and probably many weekends of digging, moving and creating. Could be a few vinos involved during the process.  As our magnificent lemon tree is about to be dug out of the ground we purchased a new one on the weekend to replace it. We bought a lime and olive tree to keep the lemon company.

Bringing the wine barrels back from the garden centre was fun, the car smelt like an old French winery and we got drunk with happy fumes on the way home.

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