Nov 21, 2012

Liberty Love

Will the urge ever go away to buy Liberty fabric? nope! not in the near future anyway. I had a little of my birthday voucher left so I decided to build on my little Liberty stash and grab a few pieces. The Strawberry Thief is probably my new favorite and I love the story that goes with it...

This was designed by William Morris in 1883. It was part of a group of designs incorporating animals with flowers. Liberty first produced it as a furnishing fabric in 1979 and it has since been redrawn for tana lawn on a smaller scale.

I would love it on large scale for a cushion or two.

Another lovely find today was these little miniature glass Christmas baubles. It is a wonder I dont shy away from these as I sliced my knee open on a broken one of these whilst wrapping Christmas presents with my brother one year. I have a lovely scar that I don't mind as it is my Christmas scar.

Heather Bailey makes the most gorgeous colours in these little felt bundles too, another thing that is hard to pick on a few from a basket full at Calico&Ivy.