Feb 21, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday - 4

and the question for Sew Thinky Thursday this week is:

What is one regular thing you do for yourself to keep up your creative mind? Do you go to a guild, out for coffee with a friend? Are there people / activities you do regularly or as needed? 

I had to think about this one and try and narrow it down because I keep my creative mind by thinking of ways to be creative, or think creatively in everything I do.  I have a job that is most of the time quiet 'same same' so I like to think of ways to improve things and always searching for variety. I have begun to hang images around my desk of things that are nothing to do with work, they are often a good thing to stare at when I am doing something tedious.

For the crafty side of me, I have crafty friends who inspire me, I read crafty blogs, buy magazines and cut out the pages of things I love and file them 'for a rainy day' or on a day I am feeling 'less than creative'. I love to learn new things and have done many classes in felting, drawing and sewing.

I visit markets regularly and love to chat to the stall holders about their crafts. One of my favourite things to do is order a big coffee and my fave haunt and draw... draw what is in my head or what I feel like making. Also, a trip to my favourite fabric shops usually brings out the inspiration (and my wallet). Nothing like a good stash of new fabric to bring out my creative side.


  1. I love having things up round my desk that are nothing to do with work! I have a beautiful mug rug I was given with a little pocket perfect to pin up and keep useful things in!

  2. I pull out magazine pages too! I still have binders full of cool pictures i have collected over the years...VERY inspiring!

  3. When I answered this question, I didn't think about the pictures and postcards and bits and bobs that have, over the years, just "struck me" and I've saved - you are so right, they are totally inspiring!


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