Jun 3, 2013

Fuel for Renovations

I woke up early on Sunday morning and decided that if we were going to really get our painting job underway we would need some fuel to renovate. Lucy and I whipped up some banana and walnut muffins and my Mum's Museli Slice. I have to say that they both seem to disappear I this house very quickly.
The latest inside job we are tackling is the timber work at the back of the house. The stairs lead up to a mezzanine floor and what is now Lucy's play room. We hope to one day convert it all into a really fantastic area for Lucy to sleep, play and eventually.. study.

First job, sand the entire lot, fill the cracks with timber putty and a heap of no more gaps. Then, undercoat the lot and paint the whole lot white. I will take lots more photos along the way as this is a mammoth task and will take a few weeks to complete. As my hubby said last night while I was painting and watching Revenge... we can just plug away at it.

Might need a truckload of Museli Slice.

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