Mar 12, 2011

Medieval Towns & Tantrums

Looking down to the Medieval Town

Inside the Medieval Town - petit shops

Phew, what a day we have had! We dove into Fougeres mid morning to catch the farmers market when Lucy decided it was a good time to have a massive tantrum. In the middle of the market we tried to persuade her that a Tweety balloon the size of her was not a good thing to carry around. The tantrum continued so we missed the market and headed down on the fantastic scenic walk that takes you around the medieval castle, though the old town, up through the gardens and back into the new part of the city  We waked the steps that Victor Hugo once did.
With our tired Lucy finally asleep in the pram we headed into town to a petit creperie and had one with scallops, champignons avec fois gras, it was divine.  We arrived home and were greeted by our lovely new friend Napoleon, 2 mad goats, 2 friendly sheep and a couple of hungry pigs.

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