Mar 11, 2011

A View from Dinard

A view to St Malo from Dinard
Today we drove to Dinard, north of Vieux-viel about an hour. After freezing our ears off in the park having a 'picnic' of jambon, fromage and pan we went over the beach and kicked around a ball that we had found in the park. Then we drove over the bridge to this spot in St Malo for a coffee and looked back at Dinard. On my travels I have been most surprised about the things I thought would be better than at home. Bread is one of them and I thought that french bread would be the best, however to my surprise I would go to Lawleys or New Norcia anyday. Oh and Tasmanian butter, you just can't beat it. There are somethings that the french do very well and that is gorgeous towns, incredible scenery, biscuits and I am yet to try a Coq-a-vin !

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