Mar 9, 2011

Le Moulin De Launay, Vieux-viel, Brittany

Gingerbread Cottage
It is not really called the Gingerbread Cottage but it is the nick-name I have given the cottage we are staying in now. If you look closely you can see that, spring has sprung, the blossoms are out and the sun is going down after a crisp but sunny day. It was a beautiful evening to take a snapshot of my new favourite place. Did I tell you that real-estate is cheap here. Do you think I could run my own B&B? (Oui, bien sur !)
We had a busy day gardening and doing a few chores, all after a trip to the local patesserie of course. Lucy had an amazing 'eclair chocolate' and Darren had a profiterole that looked like a little church, hence the name of 'religiouse' (not sure if I have spelt that one correctly).  Au revoir.

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