Feb 3, 2012

My reading pile

I made a promise to myself that I would read more this year, more books than magazines, however I can't go past Country Style each month, I love the stories of others that live relaxed homely life styles that create idyllic pictures in my mind of where I would like to be, not where I am.

I joined my local library and found Kelly Doust's, creator of the Crafty Minx  new book, A Life in Frocks. I found it funny most of the way through and more often than not was caught out on the bus having a chuckle. There were paragraphs I related to and bits that reminded me of my past. A few Sydney haunts she had been, I have too, and I did think at one point if I had been a few years younger we may have crossed paths. I really enjoyed her book

I am now reading the 100ft journey, a culinary story that so far has conjured up images in my mind of curries, spices and smells that are foreign to me, hence I decided to make curry tonight for my dear friends.

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