Apr 9, 2012


I had a very early morning ride around the river today. Leaving home in the fog and it not lifting until long after I had returned home. I rode through puddles and really should have had a light as visibility was low in front of me. Soaking wet and a little cold I kept riding, once I approached South Perth the sun popped out for a moment to reveal the city. On the city side the fog seemed to be thicker than ever and I felt like I was riding in a dream. I was tired to start with and my head was full of Milli Memories. Sometimes there was a tear trickling down my cheek and other times it was the fog turning to water. It was a lovely silent ride. Much needed time to myself.

Yesterday we visited the new Coventry Markets to buy our fruit and vegetables for the week. The battery on my phone camera was nearly out but I snapped a picture of these very pretty radishes. I nearly bought a bunch to put in a vase.

Today we dug soak wells, filled the sandpit, pottered in the garden, made muffins, played games and decided that every Monday should be a 'family day', not a work day.

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