Jul 14, 2012

Holidays at the Farm

Every year we spend a few days at a farm-stay near Bindoon with great friends. We pack up the go-karts and pre-prepare all our food, pack our wellies, RMs, our oldest clothes, take a pile of projects and off we go. This year we decided to take a week and we could have easily stayed for two. Work didn't enter my mind, which is unusual for me, my mind was on beating Lindy on the track, going for long walks around the farm, whiskey around the bonfire and catching up on some sewing.

This year we were taught how to round up sheep and move them from one paddock to another. We did have the help of a quad bike and 3 outstanding dogs however, I was told that I can forget about being a contestant on Farmer Wants a Wife because the sheep ran after me and I still cant get the smell of sheep poo out of my RMs. I am however very good at lighting fires and preparing brews when it is chilly.

I managed to complete a few projects and start some new ones... photos to come.

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