Sep 7, 2012

Collagraph Workshop

drawing my picture
Magali's studio
My first Collagraph Print
Today I had the most wonderful experience at Beau Est Mien with Magali learning the art of Collagraph.
In her Hamilton Hill Studio I drew, traced, etched and printed my very first Collagraph. Inspired by a gorgeous picture in a magazine of an old terrace house I started with some fear that I may not finish my print but Magali assured me that I would, and I ended up with five prints.

The whole process is done by hand and it is time consuming however very relaxing.

I now have to be patient and wait for my print to completely dry before I colour my print.  I think I can see the television being completely ignored for some time.  Can I leave work and do this full time?

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  1. I love your print - my girls and I had some lessons with Magali too and we have lots of her work! x


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