Aug 26, 2012

Birthday Weekend

My weekend started with a night out with great friends at the Jazz Cellar in Mt Hawthorn. We packed our bags full of champagne and dinner and wandered down the street, through the red telephone box (just like in Get Smart) and down the stairs to pack into a tiny room. Then the jazz started. Saxaphone, Double Bass and the trumpet. We danced all night and had a ball. Back to a friends house to finish the night dancing, laughing and singing 80s songs - the best night.

The next day we all had brekky together and then I raced home to get changed. My wonderful friend Daniela picked me up and I was treated to a beautiful girls lunch overlooking Mosman Bay. Jill prepared a magnificent vege lasagne and yummy salad for us all (so spoilt). I was treated to beautiful, thoughtful gifts from all my friends. Lindy cooked me dinner for a week (great, very thoughtful pressie). I am so lucky to have my girlfriends I feel blessed.

My beautiful Mum sent me a package of goodies, including a hand knitted bag, which I will take photos of and post later on Bruv & K sent me a Chanel Lippy, I have never had anything Chanel before.. Last night it was a bbq outside with hubby's family and they gave me my favourite vouchers - Calico & Ivy... perfect for building my Liberty stash.

A great weekend.

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  1. All the years we lived in Mt Hawthorn and never actually made it to the jazz cellar!

    Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like it was a blast!

    rachel xo


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