Oct 2, 2012

Backyard Blitz


In she goes
and in Lucy goes
Since we bought this house we have been dreaming about having a pool in the backyard and making the most of the space we have so we can spend this summer at home and avoid trips to the local pool and long drives in the car to the beach. Our dreaming and many months of designing our yard has started to become reality and last week the pool went in. With the help of our landscaping guy we will now create our french rustic backyard and hopefully see our drawings come to life.

After spending a morning relocating the lemon tree to a lovely couple a few streets away, the digger came in, dug a massive hole and then the 80t crane lifted the pool over the house. It was so warm on Sunday that despite the fact that the pool is full of dirt due to the lack of landscaping, Lucy couldn't wait and she jumped in - she is very brave, the water is freezing.

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