Oct 21, 2012

Backyard Blitz Progress

New position for the cubby house
Planter boxes - ready for the screening plants
Pool paving has started
It has been a huge week of renovations out the back with the paving started, a slab laid for the cubby and the cubby moved into position, painting begun on the exterior of the house and many decisions made.
I have learnt a lot this week about dealing with tradesmen. A lot of chinese whispers goes on and sometimes the communication is frustrating, mistakes are made and things need to be redone. However, our tradies have been great, accommodating and friendly and they love coffee and blueberry muffins !

After a long bike ride this morning I fell into the pool when I got home, even though it is not really ready for swimming yet but as I dove in and felt the heat escape me, I smiled and thought, this is one of the best investments we could have made for our family.

Before - The Peach Palace

After - the new colour scheme
I am extremely happy with the new colour scheme I chose for the exterior of the house. Dulux Hogsbristle with Antique White Trimmings. Goodbye Peach Palace, hello Hogsbristle Heaven ! I can't believe how much  of a difference the change in colour has made to the house. Home now has a fresh feel and more cottagey. I think the plants look greener and our home more welcoming in. I love it.

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